Frequently Asked Questions

How Big is a Wedding Video Brochure?

The finished closed size is 215mm wide x 180mm high x 18mm deep

What is the resolution?

The resolution of both the small and large album is 1280x750 for both video and images.

What size is the screen?

The screen is a 7 inch screen. The dimensions of the screen are 150mm wide x 85mm high.

What memory size do they come with?

The internal memory is 8GB on both models (5 Hours of HD(720p) Video or 5,000 Photos)

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts around 2 hours continuous play from fully charged.

Can the battery be recharged?

Yes. All Wedding Video Albums come with a mini USB lead for charging the unit. We recommend that the lead be plugged into a mains USB wall plug to charge effectively. a full charge from empy will take around 5 hours.

What file formats are compatible?

Various file types can be used for the video. Most standard Video formats are supported including MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG & WMV. For slideshow the supported file types are JPEG, BMP & PNG

How are the video and image files loaded?

All files are loaded using the mini USB lead supplied. We can load your files for you or you can load them yourself. For more information on how to load your video and image files click here

What is the life of a Wedding Video Brochure?

Wedding Video Albums only have a life expectancy relative to the battery. The recommended life expectancy of the battery is based on charging cycles. The battery inside the unit can be charged up to 500 times

What is the expected delivery time after completing order process?

We suggest 1 - 2 weeks for production due to the nature of this product being a custom made to order item. Once dispatched delivery will take 24 - 48 hours. You will be emailed notification of dispatch once your order is shipped.

How many video and image files can be loaded?

There is no maximum number of video or image files that can be loaded. The only limit is the internal memory of 8GB but there is no limit on individual files loaded.

Is it possible to change the files once loaded?

Yes. At any time you can plug the mini USB lead in and replace or re-order the files loaded.

What order do the video and image files play in?

The video and image files will play numerically / alphabetically based on the file name of each file. IE: 01, 02, 03, A, B, C etc (Please make sure you put the leading zero in if using numbering)

Do your prices include delivery?

Yes. Our prices include delivery to all UK mainland and Northern Island addresses. Delivery address outside this area will be subject to an additional delivery charge.

What is the warranty period?

2 year warranty on all electrical components is offered on all our Wedding Video Albums

Can I buy a wedding video album as a gift?

Yes you can. We can deliver directly to you or to the person you are buying it for.

Can you buy a gift voucher for someone?

Yes. A gift voucher service is offered within our product range.

What Photographic Printers do you use?

we use a combination of the Canon iPF Canon imagePROGRAF PR0-2000 and the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 Photographic and fine art printers.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for above then do not hesitate to either get in contact via phone, email or via our contact form.