How do wedding video albums work?


When you receive your Wedding Video Album it will be pre charged and ready to use. A fully charged battery will last around 3-4 hours. On opening the Album you will see a battery level bar in the top right corner of the screen which will display for a few seconds. When your Album needs charging again simply connect the mini USB and plug into any USB port and your album will start charging. A full charge will take about 2-3 Hours to complete fully.

Loading Video & Picture Files:

Wedding Video Albums can be pre loaded with your Video and Picture files before they are sent, if you prefer you can do this once you receive delivery. In both cases you are supplied with a USB lead to charge and load content.

To load your own video and images, plug the album into your computer and it will appear as a removeable storage device. If you open the folder / drive you will see two folders, one called “Videos” and one called “Images”. Simply name your files in numerical order of how you would like them to play. For example, if you have more than one Video file name the first to play 01, the seccond 02 etc. The same applies for Image files. The supported file types for both are MP4 files for video and JPEG file of images.

Once you have loaded your files to the relevant folders disconnect the mini USB lead, close the cover of the album and re-open. Your first Video file should start to play within few seconds of opening.

Operating Buttons:

When you open your Video Album it will automatically start to play. This is triggered by opening the cover. When you close the Album it will turn off.

There are four main buttons that will help you navigate through the content. They are...

  • “Play / Pause” Pause the video or slide show when pressed and resume when pressed again.
  • “Replay Video” Return you to the beginning of the video you are viewing at the time.
  • “Next Video” Skip to the beginning of the next video.
  • “Photo Slideshow” Play the image files in the “Image” folder in sequential order.
  • The last two buttons are Volume Up and Volume Down to control the volume. Volume levels may differ with each video depending on original production and recording settings.

Wedding Video Album Charging